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A family friendly sport that upholds the principles of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the spirit of endurance riding as embodied by the motto "to complete is to win"


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COVID-19 Update

The WAERA SMC met last night to discuss the latest COVID-19 information.

Although the current government restrictions may not theoretically prevent the running of endurance rides in an open-air environment, there remains the underlying difficulties of enforcing the current government recommendations of social distancing during an event and thus increasing the risk of community transfer. As the health of our members, officials, volunteers, their families and the extended community is our top priority, we have regrettably made the decision to cancel all WAERA rides until the end of April 2020 at which time we will reassess the situation, unless the current recommendations are revoked in which case we will reassess this decision sooner.

While we understand that this decision will be extremely disappointing to all members, especially as this is our Quilty year, we have made this decision in the best interests of the club and all it’s members and ask all members to respect and support this decision.

If you're wanting to get planning for the 2020 Ride season, go to the Calendar tab and have a look at the 2020 Draft Calendar and start planning.

See you all on track.

Please make yourself familiar with the Ride rule changes listed here under the Aera Rule Book . 

Starting out in any new sport can be very scary and overwhelming.  We love having new members joing our club and welcome you along at any opportunity - even if you are not yet comfortable in riding, you can always come along as a volunteer - this is a great way to meet club members, see what goes on behind the scenes and learn from the ride officials and ride participants. 

Alternatively, if you wish to jump straight into the saddle and have a go, check out our publications designed to give you some insight into getting ready for and attending your first endurance ride.

Rod Gaskin Gandalf the Gray JMC

Jenny McCamish

L to r Sharon Tillbee & Ellen Bissaker

Lynn Rodgers & Deep Forest Orahn

Sarah Doughty & Marbling Silver Sword

L t r. Ian Symington on Orchid Park Babushka & Lynn Rodgers on Deep Forest Orahn

Mal Shaw & Amira Park Chezzar

Anita Fortsch on Arabika Absolute

Jenny McCamish on Melara Najma

Where do we ride?

We ride in the most beautiful parts of WA - from the deserts of Mt Magnet to the deep forests at Manjimup, to the rolling fields of the wheatbelt and the hilly coastal scarp.  We have a range of rides hosted by different clubs and sporting associations, as well as by WAERA itself.  This means that you can choose to travel to rides of your choosing and use the ride as a great way to sight see WA.

How long are our rides?

Not all our rides are "really long" - there are a range of distance options to suit the most cautious or nervous riders (10 or 20km) through to those that better suit the more ambitious, including a 160km ride or a three day 240km marathon!   Have a look at the ride calendar to see what rides are coming up and might suit you.

2020 Tom Quilty

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Julie Thomas

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