The vet ring is the hub of the ride and a great place to hang out and pick up some useful tips from some very qualifed vets, chief stewards and TPRs (Temperatur, pulse and respiration stewards). 

Key duties:

  • Running books up to the ride entry desk to enter information into the ride computer
  • getting food for the vets and other volunteers (pencillers, TPRs, Chief Steward)
  • Pencilling information from the vets into the horse log books as the vets conduct their vet checks pre, during and post ride
  • Taking the time (and getting instructed in) to develop TPR skills and to become a TPR steward.


Note: To become a TPR steward you need to complete the TPR course (usually run over the Easter Marathon), and then act as a TPR at 3 rides before your card is signed off by the Chief Steward and you are qualified.