People in this role will be responsible for recording the time riders come in and depart.

This is the desk set up at the start/finish line.  Ideally you will set this up as first riders are leaving the ride base.

The log books from the vetting procedure will be kept here and your role is to note the time the riders come in off each leg and write this into their log book.  You will also need to record in their log book their time to present to the vet after coming in off their leg (30mins after they come across the line), and the out time for their next leg (1 hour after coming in off their leg).  You will then hand the log book to the rider or their strapper and they will take this with them as they leave so that they can present it to the vet ring.  Sometimes you may be required to write this information (time in, vet time and leaving time) on a separate slip of paper, which the rider will then pass to you as they proceed out on their next leg.