Western Australian Endurance Rider's Association Inc.

A family friendly sport that upholds the principles of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the spirit of endurance riding as embodied by the motto "to complete is to win"


This is where riders come to register and pay for the ride.

Key duties:

  • Register people's nomination and confirm payment
  • Issue ride bib and record this in the logbook or day card
  • Weigh those riders participating in the 80km ride

The desk is usually open from 3pm-6pm on the Friday and 6am on the Saturday but that will depend what time the 40km and 20km riders are starting off on the Saturday morning.

The riders are checked off the ride sheets which will have been printed off by whomever has taken the ride entries as they arrive at the desk.  There will be a sheet for each of the ride legs on offer and hopefully rider's names will be in alphabetical order.

The ride sheets will tell you the rider's name, horse's name, ride distance they have entered, whether or not they are members and how much has been paid towards the ride. 

People will either present with a log book for their horse or will ride on a day card if they don't have a log book.  The day cards will be at the desk for you to hand out - generally people should have filled them out before arriving at the desk, but sometimes newer members may need help with filling them out. 

Ride bibs are handed out here as well.  They are usually in a different numerical sequence for different ride legs.  For example, numbers 1-40 for the 80km riders, 40-80 for the 40km riders and 80-120 for the 20km riders.  The bib number is to be recorded on the ride sheet, written in the log book or on the day card and also on a fluro tag, which is stuck on the top ride hand side of the logbook or card so that the number can be seen at a glance.

80km riders are also required to weigh in here; there will be a separate weigh in sheet so that their weight and ride division can be recorded pre-ride.  Riders will be either heavyweight, middleweight, lightweight or junior category.  The weight is also to be recorded in the logbook. 




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