• After completing your distance you arrive back at finish line, call your number and collect your day card/ log book where you will find  your vet time …
• After strapping your horse please attend the vet ring at least 5 minutes before your vet time, late attendance to the vet ring may result in disqualification.  Your horse will be TPR’d  again before you go through the  vetting  procedure,  after trot out the vet will tell you if you have successfully completed…
• At any checkpoint,  you may call a float if you feel you or your horse cannot complete the course…Once back at ride base you and your horse must follow the same Vetting  procedure as if you had finished the course.
• You may carry your mobile phone, if you need to call for assistance, Please call the Chief Steward of the ride, He or She will be able to give you any help required.
• The number is on a green tag you will find on your Ride bib and you will be given one to attached to your saddle.