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A family friendly sport that upholds the principles of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the spirit of endurance riding as embodied by the motto "to complete is to win"


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The latest Newsletter is now available for your reading. Located under the Documents Tab, in the Publications section.  Thanks Kirsten for your great effort in getting this together..

The WAERA SMC reluctantly made the very hard decission to cancel the 2021 State champs due to the current Covid 19 Lock down.

But our ever hard working President Anna E, came up with a plan.

The WAERA SMC is pleased to announce that the State Championship 160km is relocating to Bakers Hill in 2 weeks time.
Many many thanks to WERI and especially to Tash Ellery for taking a deep breath and saying ‘yep, we can do that’!
Please note this is a stand alone 160 which will run alongside the other distances WERI had planned. The ride will also be an elevator.
If you are intending to enter the 160 can you please let me know - by private message or by e mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. How many riders we have will determine whether poor Tash marks a 3rd 40km leg or not!
We have (we hope)secured the SES to run checkpoints for this ride but an amended ‘hand’ will go up soon. PLEASE do what you can to fill the volunteer spots required - we’re very thankful to Tash and WERI but we’re still going to need volunteers to make this happen and to allow riders another crack at either qualifying for the TQ or having a go at the “Big 3”.

It may seem that endurance riders are a crazy group of who spend all day out in the bush on their horse's back, but in fact this is not the case at all!  We are a family friendly group of riders who like to camp, ride and use the opportunities provided to ride some of the best country side WA has to offer. 

We can even share the camp with our other four footed friends as in most cases dogs are welcome at rides, so long as they are on leads.

Believe it or not, you don't need to have a lot of experience in the sport, or a certain type of horse to enter into a ride.  In fact endurance is a sport that encourages people of any age and horses of any type to join - we have even had a mule!  The only pre-requisite is that you and your horse are fit enough to pass the vet check before you commence.  Have a look at the starting out section to learn more.

There is not a restriction on how many rides you attend.  The choice is purely up to you on how many rides you wish to participate in per year.  We also issue day passes if you want to have a go before signing up as a club member.

Rod Gaskin Gandalf the Gray JMC

Jenny McCamish

L to r Sharon Tillbee & Ellen Bissaker

Lynn Rodgers & Deep Forest Orahn

Sarah Doughty & Marbling Silver Sword

L t r. Ian Symington on Orchid Park Babushka & Lynn Rodgers on Deep Forest Orahn

Mal Shaw & Amira Park Chezzar

Anita Fortsch on Arabika Absolute

Jenny McCamish on Melara Najma

2021 Tom Quilty

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Where do we ride?

We ride in the most beautiful parts of WA - from the deserts of Mt Magnet to the deep forests at Manjimup, to the rolling fields of the wheatbelt and the hilly coastal scarp.  We have a range of rides hosted by different clubs and sporting associations, as well as by WAERA itself.  This means that you can choose to travel to rides of your choosing and use the ride as a great way to sight see WA.

How long are our rides?

Not all our rides are "really long" - there are a range of distance options to suit the most cautious or nervous riders (10 or 20km) through to those that better suit the more ambitious, including a 160km ride or a three day 240km marathon!   Have a look at the ride calendar to see what rides are coming up and might suit you.



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Julie Thomas

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